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Athena 7 Character = Susan by IkeQuasar Athena 7 Character = Susan :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0 Looking for Artists, please? by IkeQuasar Looking for Artists, please? :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0 Updated: Aldrem as a Concubine by IkeQuasar
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Updated: Aldrem as a Concubine :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 1 0
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Previous Character Text :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
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Anthropomorphic Alien Races :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
His 7 Valkyries - Title by IkeQuasar His 7 Valkyries - Title :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
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20 Previous Ideas :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
Dang, my inability to use Technology by IkeQuasar Dang, my inability to use Technology :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
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A Sensual Thank You :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
Speculative Alien Races in H7V
The Zerb:  Bluish gray tube with tendrils that serve as its means of locomotion, and a very thin stalk that sticks out from the top and ends with a larger, spherical orange-red sensor organ. Their true species name is unpronounceable by others.
The Gerruu: Round, naturally buoyant alien with three or four bony arm-like appendages, a large cavernous mouth and three eyes. Various skin shades.
The Skree: Tall, dark gray, stick-like creature with large ravenous pincers and teeth. Its flesh hangs like sheets from its skinny body, making it look extremely unpleasant. Each limb ends with hooked claws so it can climb sheer areas with ease.
The Rizoul: Mottled brown, vaguely disk-shaped body with six long, thin, toned arms/legs that serve as locomotion, lamprey-like mouth on the underside and twelve eyes on the top side. Tend to be talkative.
The Szliz’zaaugh: Looks like a pile of angel hair pasta and sauerkraut scrambled together. Bioluminescent, smells terrible. Might be mistaken f
:iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
H7V: Aldrem as a Concubine by IkeQuasar
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H7V: Aldrem as a Concubine :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
Alien Species: Valkyrie and Genesen by IkeQuasar Alien Species: Valkyrie and Genesen :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
What Video Game Universe is H7V most similar?
I'd say Overwatch, but I think maybe Mass Effect is either tied or second to that.
Basically, mixing Disney-like Art Style and Emotions, with Story and Politics based on Real Life.
:iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
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Zero Gravity Massage ( Prototype Erotica ) :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
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Hot Water ( Prototype Erotica ) :iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0
Question: Why do my Aliens sometimes look like Earthly Animals?
Answer: You should be asking "Do Earthly Animals look like Aliens?", that's how Ancient Astronaut Theorists might put it. But anyway, this is because of what I call Transpermia, which states that DNA is artificially exchanged from one world to another. The Star Dragon Dynasty is responsible for that too, and they are behind certain creation myths because of that, such as the serpent in the Garden of Eden.
:iconikequasar:IkeQuasar 0 0


You Don't Own Me by R2ninjaturtle You Don't Own Me :iconr2ninjaturtle:R2ninjaturtle 305 44 Disney meets Warcraft - Kida by LiberLibelula Disney meets Warcraft - Kida :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 808 47 Commission - The time-traveler villain by LiberLibelula Commission - The time-traveler villain :iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 145 13
Commissions prices and styles
:spontaneousdance: Bounce Walk UPDATED SEPTEMBER the 19th of 2016 Bounce Walk :spontaneousdance:
July 23: Woooow that was fast! All slots are taken now, but don't worry, I'll reopen them eventually! Thank you all so much :love:
:bulletorange:These commissions are only for personal use, they may not be used to for commercial purpose under any circumstances.  
:bulletorange:If you're interested in a work for commercial purposes, like a book cover or anything else, please contact me at:


:bulletorange:HOW TO ORDER?:bulletorange:
:bulletpurple:Send me a note and tell me what's your order. If you can, give me some imag
:iconliberlibelula:LiberLibelula 18 24
Rubunne Design Trade WIP by TashyKish Rubunne Design Trade WIP :icontashykish:TashyKish 4 2 Yzma by Niniel-Illustrator Yzma :iconniniel-illustrator:Niniel-Illustrator 138 13 Green Shadow by ChaosSabre Green Shadow :iconchaossabre:ChaosSabre 79 17 FIT by White-Mantis FIT :iconwhite-mantis:White-Mantis 696 62 Sierra In London by jollyjack
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Sierra In London :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,049 309
(+FREE NSFW DOWLOAD) Overwatch: Sombra by customwaifus
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(+FREE NSFW DOWLOAD) Overwatch: Sombra :iconcustomwaifus:customwaifus 888 124
Summer Drinks by LulukBraz Summer Drinks :iconlulukbraz:LulukBraz 50 2 Heart Burn Ch10 Page 16 by R2ninjaturtle Heart Burn Ch10 Page 16 :iconr2ninjaturtle:R2ninjaturtle 159 41
Yeah, I went AWOL again. Because reasons. Mostly the same as last time, but also because I've been working on a number of non-dA things recently.
Most notably, I'm working with IkeQuasar on his webcomic project His Seven Valkyries. I have agreed to be a consultant and concept contributor, and progress is moving rather nicely, with things falling into place left and right. Speaking of, I actually have a few things for that project to sketch up...
I've also been working with a close friend of mine IRL on a very long-running private project of ours. Currently I am in the process of reworking all the old volumes and tossing around plot ideas for Series 3.
All this plus my looming final exams will take a lot of my time, so I will hardly be on at all in the coming weeks. Progress on Arcspace and my other story projects has effectively been halted temporarily, save a few pieces in the works for the Arcverse and a new 'verse none of you have even heard of before. After finals week I sh
:iconworldbuildersinc:WorldBuildersInc 1 3
Demon Dice by jollyjack
Mature content
Demon Dice :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 679 187
His 7 Valkyries official logo by JWthaMajestic His 7 Valkyries official logo :iconjwthamajestic:JWthaMajestic 7 6 Star Dragon Dynasty Logo by JWthaMajestic Star Dragon Dynasty Logo :iconjwthamajestic:JWthaMajestic 9 3



My project will need to start over from scratch, but hopefully it's for the best. Anyway, I'm now searching for Spaceship Artists, to draw "Athena 7" for about $200. Essentially, I'm developing a Space Opera, like Star Wars, Star Trek, Flash Gordon, Guardians of the Galaxy, etc. In this particular case, the story takes place during the present, and involves Ancient Aliens who came to Earth, including Athena herself. 

"Athena 7" is the name of both the spaceship and the crew, consisting of 7 female characters, only one of whom could be a human, whereas the others are aliens. However, don't let that fool you, there's definitely going to be variety, like the Gems from Steven Universe for example. Ideally, this is a Feminist Space Opera, ya' know? 

Below here, you'll see my gallery and favorites, along with a previous project that sadly never really made it, called "His 7 Valkyries".……
The time has come to ask: 

"Is this project really worth the trouble?" 

Because Overwatch came from the ashes of a failed Blizzard game called Titan 
I'm hoping this happens, because if it does, it would be Awesome. 
I'm hoping either Caleb or Roger answers soon, so I can talk to them about resigning my characters.

The time has come to ask: 

"Is this project really worth the trouble?" 

Because Overwatch came from the ashes of a failed Blizzard game called Titan 


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United States


Creating Alien Species? That, I can Definitely do!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare to enter the Science Fantasy Universe, of "His 7 Valkyries"!

Now, there are 2 kinds of Sci-Fi Aliens, Anthropomorphic and Speculative. I'm more of an expert on Anthropomorphic Aliens, mainly because I'm a very Right Brain Person, and those are much easier to relate to as characters for stories. A classic example of Anthropomorphic Aliens are Vogons from The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, who were essentially nasty-looking, bureaucratic toads. Another example would be the Kzin from Larry Niven's books, who were essentially Jungle Cats acting as soldiers with deadly weapons. Let it be known that while everything in my gallery was my idea, it isn't entirely mine, and it would normally take some serious motivation for me to do a commission. Understand that Anthropomorphism doesn't necessarily equal being Humanoid, one can be a Talking Octopus helping you make a withdraw from a bank, the other is nothing but a Human wearing a Monkey Suit. If you ask me to draw an alien for you, it has to belong to both of us or ONLY me. Either way, I have the right to use your alien species in my Webcomic, and your username or real name will be credited for your idea. I will not accept anything too pornographic, or anything that is overly ridiculous even for a science fiction geek. To understand anthropomorphic aliens, I would recommend watching Star Wars, Farscape, Doctor Who or Ben 10. Everything with me is honest and fair, if something bad happens, that's probably a computer error or humanly mistake. Everything I draw belongs to me, regardless of whether or not you want to share with me. I haven't drawn too much in years, but I'm totally willing to make an exception, especially if it will promote my Webcomic. It will mostly likely be photographed by my phone, I hope that's not a problem, but if it is, then this commission is simply not right for you. Overall, let you imagination roam free, do your research if you need to, but I will only accept the most inventive alien species I read about, and I wish I could just shake your hand for your ambition and brains. Have Fun, and don't forget to look up my gallery on DeviantART. 


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I'm creating a Motion Webcomic, called "His 7 Valkyries". I've already assembled a plural number of artists, most of whom don't work for free. The Webcomic itself is set in a Space Opera/Science Fantasy Universe, like Star Wars or Farscape. The characters are one male human and 7 female aliens, but it's a Feminist Harem Manga, rather than a Sexist Harem Manga. I've already paid plenty of money for this, but my accountant skills are quite dismal at best, which is why I rely on friends of help. Overall, people already feel confident about this project, and if you love Nostalgia, Manga or Science Fiction, you should too.

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